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"I'll never forget after an MLSP webinar I saw that I made $500! Because of our experience with MLSP we have made hundreds of thousands of dollars. The biggest impact is that feeling of having them make sales for us!"
Ryan McMorris
Greenville, SC
"Because of MLSP's great products I went out and promoted it, and I'm almost at $100,000 dollars with just this simple Affiliate Program. We've been able to travel the world because of the affiliate income we have."
Keysha Bass
Renton, WA
"Using MLSP I've been able to create a full time stream of income in my MLM business. With MLSP alone I've been able to generate over $50,000 before anybody joins any of my products, services, or opportunities."
Kay Somji
Alberta, CA

The Problem: 99% of home business owners struggle with ONE main thing...

Creating consistent cashflow on a daily basis

So we decided to spend 11+ years solving this painful problem once and for all...

Introducing the powerful MLSP Affiliate Program proudly serving (and paying) home business owners just like you since 2008!

WARNING: This affiliate program has paid millions and millions of dollars to what was once struggling home business owners. Why not YOU?

The Solution: The MLSP community, training, tools and software are assets all home business owners require whether they join you in business, or not.

Imagine being able to serve (and make money from) the prospects who say no to your offers, products, services, and opportunity?!

There are 3 main ways to sell MLSP valuable products and services to BIG commissions and create cashflow for your business...

MLSP Membership Commissions

Each time you refer a member to the MLSP Family, we will pay you a new referral bonus (as much as $200) PLUS ongoing monthly recurring commissions (as much as $150 per month).

MLSP Product Commissions

Each time your members buy ANYTHING from MLSP, you get paid. MLSP has published hundreds of products and we release new product offerings regularly, which means you enjoy influxes of cash. Some of our products even pay you 100% commissions (minus a tiny merchant fee).

MLSP Sales Team Generated Commissions

MLSP has it's very own Sales Team to sell our higher ticket products, workshops, and 1-on-1 mentorship programs for you! YES, you get to leverage our proven sales team (for free) to help you earn big commissions on programs ranging from $397 - $30,000+.


Our Sales Team is selling new members a value-packed proven program where 100% of the buyers are getting results.


This program retails for $2,500.

Our sales team is closing anywhere from 11-13% of the members they get to a discovery session.




How could earning $1,000 PER SALE that our sales team sells for you impact your business?


YES, you can earn big money as an MLSP affiliate... we've already proven that!

Did you know you can also generate leads who are actually interested in your products and services as you promote the MLSP affiliate program!?

As soon as you join the simple MLSP Affiliate Program you will learn how to generate leads for YOUR business in the next 24 hours (or less).

For all of you super affiliates:

You can Earn Cash Bonuses Up To $25,000 and up to $1,500 PER MONTH in additional cash bonuses to cover your dream car payment!


YOUR LEADS ARE COOKIED TO YOU FOR 365 DAYSThat means your visitors and leads are cookied to YOU for a FULL YEAR! If your prospect hits any of your MLSP pages, webinars, offers, etc. and then buys... YOU GET PAID! To our knowledge no other affiliate program protects their affiliates for 365 days.

WE PAY FOR ADS TO HELP YOU CREATE CASHWe buy advertising that follows YOUR MLSP visitors and leads around until they buy... and YOU get credit as the referral, and YOU get paid. To our knowledge no other affiliate program actually pays for Facebook, Google and YouTube advertising that promotes YOUR affiliate link.

ALL OF YOUR REFERRALS ARE LINKED TO YOU FOR LIFEWhen you refer a member to the MLSP community and training platform they are LINKED TO YOU FOR LIFE. This means that every product they buy from MLSP will be credited to you to (and you will get paid) for as long your MLSP Affiliate Agreement is in good standing. This of course could quite literally PAY YOU FOR LIFE.

What Others Are Saying

Boom! Super Grateful, Just reached $30,000 in total commissions inside MLSP! Thank you so much MLSP for teaching me skills such as blogging, Facebook marketing, and SEO. Really really grateful! Thanks again for this awesome community, God bless!!

Sonny Lanorias TestimonialSonny LanoriasPhillipines

I just started a new company and in my first 8 weeks I earned over $100,000 plug got the car bonus & advanced 16 times. It’s all because of MLSP! Appreciate you guys, thank you for all you do. So grateful for MLSP! You guys changed my life & gave my kids their mom back!

April Marie TuckerApril Marie TuckerMerritt Island, Florida

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When we started back in 2008, the VISION was BIG and the MISSION was Simple:

Help entrepreneurs break free from the rat race, and to give kids their parents back. And that's exactly what we're doing.

YOU FOCUS ON LEVERAGING HIGH-CONVERTING LOW-COST FRONT-END PRODUCTS, and let the MLSP magic and sales team produce sales and ongoing monthly affiliate commissions for you!

Don't worry, we have step-by-step training videos that take you by the hand to help you make money fast with the MLSP Affiliate Program... even if you're brand new!

Remember, the biggest competitive advantage of the MLSP Affiliate Program is that every single home business owner you talk to desperately needs what we have here at MLSP, which means you can Add Value to ALL entrepreneurs.

What this really means is you can start marketing like the top money earners online, embrace multiple income streams, and CREATE CASH from the ALL of the people you talk to - even the ones who say no to your products & opportunity. #GENIUS!

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We've already paid out tens of millions of dollars in affiliate commissions, and now it's your turn to get a slice of the pie... Welcome To The MLSP Family!

"We have earned in the last 4 years over $414,000 through MyLeadSystemPRO. Last year we brought in just a couple bucks shy of $250,000 just from the Affiliate Program with MyLeadSystemPRO."

Todd and Leah Rae Getts
Cape Coral, FL

"By the end of this year I will cross $100,000+ ALONE with the MLSP Affiliate Program, and my non-profit is flourishing. Thank-you MLSP team for continuing to make this platform and community better!"

Antonio Thompson
Brooklyn, NY



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